We're shipping you meat straight from the farm to your doorstep! LOTS OF MEAT. Join us for a live virtual event as we take a journey from Moo to Mouth and protecting the cloud. 

Experience Greener Pastures in Azure

Join us from the office or from your backyard while we join you LIVE from Creekstone!



In collaboration with our friends at Redhouse Beef and Creekstone Outdoors, we are shipping a butcher's box of meat right to your doorstep. From bone in ribeye, to filets, to an outside skirt steak, we are sending you 6 different, high quality meats to grill. Among the people joining us will be Redhouse Beef's head farmer, an outdoor grill master extraordinaire, and Instagram's up and coming meat influencer. #pristinemeats

If you've been wondering about the connection between meat and security...

In recent news, the world's largest meat supplier was hit with an organized cyber attack. Shortly after, the White House released a memo to "Corporate Executives and Business Leaders" advising best practices for protection against ransomware. 

We wrote more about that breach HERE

Timing has never been more critical; not only for meat, but security too. We're talking about all of this at this event. See you there!


Microsoft Partner Competencies



June 17th, 2021
3:00 - 4:30 PM CST

**Business email is required to RSVP for entry to this event.