Virtual Wine Pairing Experience

Indulge in a captivating virtual event, where cybersecurity takes center stage by sharing real stories of breaches against SMBs. Centre has selected two wine barrels from William Chris Vineyards to enjoy after the event.


How SMBs are Responding to Cyber Threats

Virtual Session
September 20, 2023
3:30 PM 

Do you ever wonder what it actually means for a business your size to survive a breach? Should you cooperate with hackers? Who actually handles the incident response? How do you hold the cyber criminals responsible for all the time and money lost? 

Join us for an exclusive virtual event where we will break down real stories of cyber breaches at business just like yours. We will chat with Arctic Wolf about their engagement and process during a breach, how they respond to the hackers, and how they hold the cyber criminals responsible for the damage. Real stories and real outcomes with the team that is on the trenches helping you recover. 

You'll come out of this event knowing how to create your incident response plan and how to communicate with key decision makers at your business about the irreparable damage a cyber breach incurs. 

We are also teaming up with Hye, Texas-based William Chris Vineyards to talk about their local winery and deliver two bottles to your doorstep directly from our wine barrel select. 

Speaker Spotlight:

Jim Johnson: Director, Systems Engineer at Arctic Wolf
Chris Brundrett: Co-Founder, William Chris Vineyards
James Shuler: Director, Business Development at Centre Technologies

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